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SinuCleanse Products were developed in 1997 by a leading ear, nose and throat physician to help relieve through nasal washing the painful symptoms associated with sinus problems experienced by over 70 million Americans.

The first SinuCleanse Product developed was the SinuCleanse Neti Pot System, an unbreakable version of the traditional yoga washing pots which were traditionally manufactured in ceramic or glass.

The SinuCleanse Neti Pot System comes complete with Neti Pot, instructions on how to use the pre-mixed 100% all-natural dry salt packets included in each kit. SinuCleanse Nasal Wash products utilize the highest quality ingredients and are made and assembled in U.S.A. FDA registered facilities to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness.

Following the overwhelming success of the SinuCleanse Neti Pot, SinuCleanse went on to introduce its patented SinuCleanse Squeeze with anti-backflow technology. The SinuCleanse Squeeze was designed for those who prefer a positive flow system to wash their sinuses.

Recently, SinuCleanse was excited to introduce a new modality that it has developed and added to its line of sinus products, as well as one to help those who suffer from breathing discomfort due to chest congestion. The SinuCleanse Nasal and SinuCleanse Bronchial Dry Salt Inhalers, both provide the power of salt in a compact portable device to aid in the relief of both nasal and bronchial congestion but without the need for water. These products, like all other SinuCleanse products provide 100% Natural, Safe and Effective relief.

SinuCleanse Products are now available at leading retailers nationwide. You may also purchase SinuCleanse Products through our on line store and look for downloadable coupons and discounts.

SinuCleanse through its continued research and innovation is committed to helping you and your loved ones Breathe Easier with the Power of Salt. Naturally.

SinuCleanse is a registered trademark of Ascent Consumer Products

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