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Introducing the World’s First & Only Nasal Wash System with a Built In Micro–Filter

  • SAFER – Filters potentially harmful cysts such as Naegleria Fowler (the brain eating amoeba) which may be found in tap water*
  • CONVENIENT – Eliminates boiling tap water or purchasing bottled or distilled water
  • CERTIFIED – Meets stringent NSF/ANSI standards and CDC recommendation for nasal washing with tap water**
  • The Patent Pending SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash System uses a built in micro-filter (originally developed for NASA) to reduce harmful and dangerous cysts which may be found in tap water.* This unique safety feature provides piece of mind and allows you the convenience of using tap water at the temperature you like for a more comfortable nasal washing experience, while eliminating the inconvenience and potential hazard of boiling water or the expense of buying distilled or filtered water.

    The SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash has been tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory to meet stringent NSF/ANSI Std 53 for cyst reduction and meets the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendation for nasal washing with tap water.**

  • Preparing the Micro-Filtered System for first Use:

    Before the first use, rinse the bottle with warm tap water and empty. Next fill bottle with warm tap water and place cap on bottle and tighten securely. Holding the assembled bottle and cap over the sink, invert so comfort tip faces up and squeeze bottle several times until bottle is empty and no water flows from the comfort tip. Repeat the filling and emptying process two additional times. The Micro-Filtered System is now ready for use.

    1. Wash your hands.
    2. For first time use make sure the Micro-Filtered System has been prepared according to the instruction above.
    3. Before each use inspect filter media for any signs of damage or discoloration and discard if any is present.
    4. Pour the contents of the saline packet(s) into the bottle. First-time users  should start with 1 packet to make an Isotonic solution. As you become more accustomed to using the system, you may work up to using 2 full packets for a Hypertonic solution. Additional packets may be purchased    online or from your nearest pharmacy.
    5. Fill the bottle with warm tap water to the 8 oz mark indicated on the bottle. Make sure the white check valve located on the shoulder of the bottle is present and in place. Test water temperature before using.
    6. Replace the cap on the bottle and tighten securely. Gently shake the bottle until the dry ingredients have completely dissolved.
    7. woman_bottleInvert the bottle so the comfort tip is facing up, lean over the sink with your head bent down so you are looking directly into the basin. Place the comfort tip up to the right nostril and gently insert the tip so that it forms a comfortable seal. Aim the tip at the back of your head, not at the top of your head.
    8. Squeeze the bottle gently so that the solution enters the right nostril. Do not inhale or “snort” the solution into the nose – breathe through your mouth.
    9. In a few moments the solution will begin to drain out of the left nostril Continue to squeeze the bottle gently until you have used approximately half of the solution.
    10. Remove the comfort tip from your nostril, then exhale through both nostrils to clear them of excess mucus and solution. Gently blow your nose into tissue.
    11. Repeat the procedure on the left nostril with the remaining solution.
    12. When finished hold the system inverted over sink and squeeze several times to remove solution remaining in cap.
    13. After each use of the Micro-Filtered System follow the Cleaning, Care & Storage Instructions.
    “I nasal wash regularly and it’s always a bit of a chore preparing to use my Neti Pot. Now with the Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash System I just put in a salt packet, add the perfect temperature tap water and I’m ready to go. It’s so simple!” ~ Rachel Lynn, VA

    This is much easier to use than a Neti pot …
    and more effective. The squeeze bottle is well-designed with indentations on four sides to make it easier to use with either hand. – verified reviewer

    This is a wonderful addition to the line
    Been using SinuCleanse for years. This is a wonderful addition to the line. Very easy to use. – D. Ditaranto – verified reviewer

    You will love it!
    This is a great product and a great innovation. My doctor told me to use a nasal wash twice a day. I was just diagnosed with COPD. Oh my gosh, I started out with the neti pot type and I was exhausted by the time I boiled the water, cooled it, and finally got to that nasal flush. I actually wondered why nobody had come up with some easier system and when I saw this, ordered it immediately. I love it.. – CLF – verified reviewer

    Best nettipot ever.
    Been using SinuCleanse for years. This is a wonderful addition to the line. Very easy to use. – verified reviewer

    Great product.
    I get a sinus problem every now and then. I could never do it the way my wife does putting her head in a small bowl and sucking it up through her nose. I can do this with ease. – Jim – verified reviewer

  • Frequently asked questions and important information about the SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash System

    How long does the Micro-Filtered System last? 

    The Micro-Filtered System is certified to treat 50 gallons of water which is enough to fill the 8 oz. bottle 800 times. This allows up to 4 uses per day for 6 months. Replace Micro- Filtered System 6 months after first use or after 800 uses which ever occurs first. 

    What type of water can be used in the Micro-Filtered System? 

    In addition to distilled water or commercially bottled water the Micro-Filtered System can be used with tap water. WARNING: The Micro-Filtered System is intended as a final filter for tap water that is known to be safe for drinking. 

    Can I share the Micro-Filtered System with friends and family? 

    The Micro-Filtered System is intended for individual

    How do I clean the Micro-Filtered System? 

    Do not clean any part of the Micro-Filtered System in the dishwasher. 

    See Cleaning, Care & Storage Instruction

    Should I use an Isotonic or Hypertonic solution? 

    The Micro-Filtered System can be used with the enclosed saline packets to make either an Isotonic or Hypertonic solution. An Isotonic solution has a salt concentration similar to your body and some people find this more comfortable to use. A Hypertonic solution is more concentrated, similar to the salt concentration of ocean water. Both are beneficial to your sinus and nasal health.

    Isotonic Solution 1 SinuCleanse®
    Saline Packet per
    8 fl oz. (240 mL)
    Hypertonic Solution 2 SinuCleanse®
    Saline Packets per
    8 fl oz. (240 mL)

*The SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered System is intended as a final filter for tap water that is known to be safe for drinking.