Saline Refill Packets

The SinuCleanse® Pharmaceutical Grade Saline Packets contain all-natural, preservative free, ultra-fine salt granules which dissolve instantly, making nasal washing comfortable and easy.

SinuCleanse® products are medically proven to be safe and effective, and recent studies have shown that when used regularly, may reduce the duration and frequency of cold and flu symptoms. Nasal washing regularly also promotes long-term sinus health by moisturizing dry nasal passages, and aiding in the removal of nasal irritants such as: dust particles, pollen and other debris, keeping nasal passages clear, allowing you to breathe easier.

Should I use an Isotonic or Hypertonic Solution

SinuCleanse® Pharmaceutical Grade Saline Packets can be used as either Isotonic or Hypertonic solutions. Check with the guide or consult with your physician for best use.

An Isotonic Solution creates a mild, less concentrated salt solution of 9mg of Sodium Chloride per mL of water, which has a similar salt concentration as your body and may be more comfortable to use for some people initially compated to the more concentrated Hypertonic solution.

Hypertonic Solution creates a higher more concentrated salt solution which is similar to the salt content in ocean water.

Important note: SinuCleanse® Saline Packets contain 3 grams of pharmaceutical grade salt. Using the calculations in the chart, you can prepare either an Isotonic or Hypertonic Solution. Since contents of other manufacturer’s Salt Packets may vary, please check with their directions for Isotonic or Hypertonic use.