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SinuCleanse products were developed by a leading ear, nose and throat physician to help the over 70 million Americans relieve their sinus pressure. Our full line of sinus products include: a traditional neti pot system, a squeeze nasal wash bottle, a micro-filtered nasal wash system, and nasal and bronchial dry salt inhalers. 
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Includes 30 All-Natural Saline Packets

SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash System

SinuCleanse Neti Pot

SinuCleanse  60 Refill Saline Packets

Squeeze Nasal Wash System

SinuCleanse InHalo Nasal Dry Salt Inhaler

SinuCleanse InHalo Bronchial Dry Salt Inhaler

SinuCleanse InHalo Dry Salt Inhaler Replacement Cartridges

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