Soft Tip Neti Pot

Nasal Wash System

Soft Tip Neti Pot Nasal Wash System

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The SinuCleanse Soft Tip Neti Pot uses the gentle flow of gravity to deliver a controlled flow of the all-natural saline solution into the nasal passages. At the same time, its soft tip provides a gentle seal with your nostril, creating a comfortable nasal washing experience so that you can breathe your best!

Helps ease symptoms of:

Allergies Cold and Flu Nasal Congestions Nasal Dryness Sinus Pressure Sinusitis and Rhinitis
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  • Product Description

    • Unique Soft Tip for Greater Comfort
    • Clinically Proven Safe & Effective
    • 100% All-Natural & Preservative
    • BPA & Latex Free
    • Clear, Easy to View Design
    • Hypertonic or Isotonic Use
    • Preservative Free

    The SinuCleanse® Soft Tip Neti Pot has a unique Soft Tip to provide greater comfort and a better seal. This allows the gentle flow of gravity to deliver the all-natural SinuCleanse® saline solution. It’s clear blue design enables you to view the water level and make sure the saline is completely dissolved prior to nasal washing.

    SinuCleanse® products are medically proven to be safe and effective, and recent studies have shown
    that when used regularly, may reduce the duration and frequency of cold and flu symptoms. Nasal washing regularly
    also promotes long-term sinus health by moisturizing dry nasal passages, and aiding in the removal of nasal irritants such as:
    dust particles, pollen and other debris,
    keeping nasal passages clear, allowing you to breathe easier.

  • Product Details

    Includes 30 All-Natural Saline Packets

    Product Benefits: Relieves Nasal Dryness, Congestion due to Cold, Flu, and Allergies.

    Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate USP, Sodium Chloride USP

    Age Range: Above 4 years

    • SinuCleanse Soft Tip Neti Pot Nasal Wash System: Uses a gentle flow of gravity to deliver all-natural saline solution into the nasal passages with the soft tip creating a comfortable nasal washing experience
    • Breathe Easier with the Power of Salt: SinuCleanse Soft Tip Neti-Pot nasal wash system
      includes 30 All-Natural, pharmaceutical grade, preservative free, buffered saline packets for isotonic or hypertonic use
    • Soothes and Relieves Nasal Symptoms and Congestion: This Soft Tip Neti Pot nasal wash system helps
      to quickly soothe and relieve nasal symptoms and congestion associated with cold & flu, allergies,
      viruses, sinusitis, rhinitis, and dry air
    • BPA and Latex Free: SinuCleanse Soft Tip Neti Pot is designed with a unique, clear view to make nasal irrigation safe and easy, and is BPA and Latex Free
    • Made in USA and FDA Registered: All SinuCleanse premixed saline packets and nasal mist products are proudly
      manufactured in the USA in a FDA Registered Drug Facility to ensure safety and efficacy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
It helps!

I have severe sinus issues and this is the only rinse I use. I have sinusitis in the winter, and allergies in the summer. It does relieve some of the problems. Or at least help me get through it.

Love this product and highly recommended!

After trying to hard to use a traditional neti pot for years with severe sinus and nasal congestion, this product has really made such a huge difference with how fast and comfortable it is to do sinus rinses more frequently.

Traditional neti pots always gave me a lot of neck strain because I had to tilt my head a lot and it would sometimes take forever for the initial drain to happen because of how severe my congestion always is. This item allows you to control the amount of pressure and flow that is applied so I don’t have to spend 5+ minutes just getting my nose to finally drain.

In addition, having soft tip is really painless and the filter is nice for being able to use warmer water so it doesn’t cause any irritation or sneezing from the shock in the difference of temperature. Love this product and highly recommended!

Easy to use

Love using this, very easy and effective!

Something that works!

It was a great cleanser! Finally found something that works!

I can breathe for the first time in weeks

It’s easy to use and it is the only thing that’s made the sniffling stop. Get one if you need one