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Vapor Inhaler

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The SinuCleanse Vapor Inhaler offers non-medicated, instant soothing relief to nasal passages with refreshing vapors. It is designed for safe and easy use, allowing for frequent application as needed. The portable and convenient design ensures on-the-go relief anytime and anywhere. Our Vapor Inhaler uses essential oils to provide a soothing and invigorating boost to your nasal passages and is proudly made in the USA to ensure safety and efficacy.

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Customer Reviews

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Must-have for runny or stuffy noses

Vapor inhaler sticks are my must have essential during the fall and winter season. This was my first time trying this particular brand and it was as good as the popular brand. The ingredients list is identical. I found the scent and its strength to be the same as well. Most importantly they work just as well. They make breathing with a stuffy or runny nose easier. They are a size of a chapstick, so they are easy and convenient to use on the go to. They were made in the US and come as a pack of three.

Vapor inhaler

Love these in the winter months when the air is cold and dry and my nose is stuffy. It's cooling and soothing and has a nice menthol vapor. Provides clearing relief fast. Its compact size of only 2-1/2 inches long makes it portable and easy to carry, you can bring it anywhere. Highly recommend.

Works well

They are portable and easy to use. Smells minty and refreshing.

Convenient vapor inhaler

This little vapor inhaler is about the size of a stick of lip balm--perfect for keeping in my purse during the fall and winter when it is bound to come in handy (as long as I don't confuse it for my lip balm, LOL!). It contains basically the same ingredients that you would find in similar products by better-known manufacturers, and the scent is the same, as well.

Does what it's supposed to do

This works exactly as I expect it would. Open it up and inhale. It is very easy to open and close back up. The tip is rounded and comfortable. This is a very basic category so there is zero reason to pay up for any brand name. I like that this is a four pack so I can stash it in multiple locations.