Sterile Saline Kids Mist

Sterile Saline Kids Mist

Instantly Clears Dry & Stuffy Little Noses

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SinuCleanse Saline Kids Mist provides all-natural and preservative-free relief for children's nasal congestion. This low-pressure ultra fine mist moisturizes & cleanses, delicate nasal passages, relieving congestion associated with colds, allergies and dry air. Safe to use as often as needed alongside other medications, it has no side effects or interactions. Made in an FDA-registered USA facility to ensure safety & efficacy.

  • SAFE For daily use day or night
  • GENTLE Specially designed low pressure, ultra fine mist for infants & children
  • RELIEF Clears & moisturizes irritated, stuff noses

Helps ease symptoms of:

Cold and Flu Stuffy Nose
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  • Product Details

    Product Benefits: Everyday Nasal Congestion & Allergy Relief

    Product Ingedients: Sodium Chloride USP 0.9%, Sterile, Isotonic Saline Solution, Sodium Bicarbonate USP to adjust PH

    Age Range: All

    • Safe for Newborns and Children of All Ages: SinuCleanse Sterile Saline Kids Mist delivers a low pressure, gentle mist to safely moisturize, flush and cleanse delicate nasal passages, allowing your child to breathe easier
    • All-Natural Saline Mist for Babies and Kids: SinuCleanse Saline Kids Mist is sterile, all-natural and preservative free and its PH balanced system will not sting or burn delicate nasal passages, making it ideal for use in Newborns and Children of
      All Ages
    • Soothes and Moisturizes: Our All-Natural Saline Mist instantly moistures your child's delicate nasal passages while helping to
      clear mucus and congestion associated with allergies and colds
    • Doctor Recommended: SinuCleanse Sterile Saline Nasal Kids Mist is All-Natural, Preservative Free, and may be used as
      often as needed with other prescriptions and over-the-counter allergy and cold medications without the worry of any side
      effects or interactions
    • Made in USA and FDA Registered: All SinuCleanse nasal mist products are proudly manufactured in the USA in a FDA
      Registered Drug Facility to ensure safety and efficacy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
We feel better using it

I liked this on the go nasal cleaner. I use it age hiking or around smoky areas with the kids. We feel better using it. I avoid medications for allergies. I like this alternative.

Works for adults too!

I use this for myself to decongest my nose. Work so well, highly recommend!

Relief Was Immediate

My kid, like so many others, has been suffering from a cold and congestion. This product was amazing! The first is easy to use and the mist is so gentle, we had no problem using. The relief was immediate so my daughter keeps asking to use it again!

Works well for the kids - better than other brands

I have tried several different brands and this one seems to really work well for my 2 kids! It seems to clear things out much better than the other brands. I will continue to use this brand for sure!

Works well

Works as well as most more expensive products like this.